Sporting Regulation


The Auto Sport Schweiz GmbH (ASS) organises the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series (“the Championship”), which is the property of the ASS and the WSC Ltd.

1.1 Name of the Organiser, address and contacts (Permanent office):

Auto Sport Switzerland - ASS TCR Hill Climb Series - Koenizstrasse 161 - CH-3097 Liebefeld

Phone: +41 (0)31 979 11 11 / Email: / Contact: Patrick Falk


2.1 The final text of the Sporting Regulations is the English version, which will be used should any dispute arise as to their interpretation. Headings in these documents are for ease of reference only and do not form part of the Regulations.

2.2 Sporting Regulations

These Sporting Regulations come into force on 1 January of the year concerned.

2.3 Supplementary Regulations

The Supplementary Regulations applies for each competition and are established by the relevant organiser and duly approved by the relevant ASN.


3.1 All the participants concerned by any Competition of the Championship (Competitors, Drivers) undertake, on behalf of themselves, their employees and agents, to observe:

– all the provisions of the International Sporting Code (“the Code”) of the FIA and its Appendices,

– the FIA General Prescriptions applicable to International Hill Climb Competitions (Internet = fia/regulations/hill climb),

– the TCR Technical Regulations (published by the WSC Ltd),

– the present Sporting Regulations and their Appendices,

– the Supplementary Regulations of each Competition.

3.2 The Championship and each of its Competitions are governed in accordance with these Regulations. Competition means any Competition authorized by the relevant ASN and registered for the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series on the FIA International Sporting Calendar.


4.1 The Championship is run over a maximum of 8 Competitions.

4.2 The 2020 ASS TCR Hill Climb Series calendar is not available yet.


5.1 For each Competition the ASS may nominate the following officials:

– one observer;

– one steward;

– a technical observer and/or a technical delegate

5.2 The ASN organising the Competition or issuing the permit to organise the Competition may appoint the following officials:

– the panel of stewards,

– the clerk of the course,

– the chief scrutineer,

– the chief medical officer and a second doctor,

– the secretary of the Competition,


6.1 The total number of entries in the Series is not limited. Entries for just one competition/guest entries shall be possible.

6.2 Registrations/entries, entry closing date and obligation to participate:

The Driver must submit his application within the deadline (not defined yet) using the form provided by the series organiser “Application for registration”.

The series organiser reserves the right to accept later applications.

6.3 The completely filled in and signed application must be sent to the following address:

ASS TCR Hill Climb Series, Auto Sport Switzerland, Koenizstrasse 161, CH-3097 Liebefeld

With the submission of the “Application for registration”, the specified entrant and driver charge and authorise the series organiser to submit entry forms on their behalf for those competitions that form part of the series ASS TCR Hill Climb Series (block entry). With the registration, entrant and/or driver undertake to participate in all the competitions.

6.4 Entry fees for season entries and race-by-race entries

The registration/entry fees as well as a possible deposit are payable as specified on the “Application for registration”. The following registration/entry fees are payable by the participants:

– Euro 2'000 until each season entry

– Euro 400 for each race-by-race entry until 10 days before the competition concerned.

Entry fees should be paid to Auto Sport Switzerland as follow : IBAN CH78 0900 0000 3000 5194 6

The right of withdrawal from the entry contract (entry-fee-refund) is regulated in the ASS Standard Regulation.

6.5 For competitions valid for the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series, no application for valid TCR cars can be done directly through the organiser of the relevant competition.

6.6 All the accepted participants will receive a written confirmation of their registration to the Series.

The series organiser reserves the right to refuse “Applications for registration” with having to give reasons.

6.7 The participants with season entry will get permanent competition-numbers from the series organiser for the whole season.


7.1 Drivers and Competitors must hold valid FIA International Driver’s Licences (Grade A, B, C, D or R) and International Competitor’s Licences.

Drivers must hold a valid car driving licence.

7.2 According to Art.3.9.4 ISC, foreign Competitors and Drivers must be in possession of a written authorisation to take part in the Competition from the ASN which issued them with their Licence(s) (even in the form of a simple note on the Licence).


8.1 Applications for TCR cars to take part in a Competition valid for the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series must be submitted to the Series organiser. No TCR entry submitted through the organiser of the competition will be accepted.

8.2 Entry applications submitted by email must be confirmed in writing, up to the close of entries, providing the information requested on the entry form.

8.3 No amendments other than those specified below may be made to an entry once the entry list has been published by the ASS.

8.4 A change of car may take place after the close of entries and up to the beginning of the competition concerned (Art. 2.1.7 ISC), provided a specific approval of the Series organisers.


Only cars subject to the TCR Technical Form and in full compliance with the valid TCR Technical Regulations are eligible, including the BoP issued by WSC Ltd without compensation weight.


10.1 Fuel

Only fuel which complies with the provisions of Article 252.9 of Appendix J FIA may be used. If national provisions are applicable (for example, specific lead content), they will be indicated in the Supplementary Regulations.

10.2 Tyres

The tyres are free in terms of numbers and brand.

10.3 Safety

10.3.1 Any car with insufficient safety features or not complying with the regulations in force will not be admitted to or will be disqualified from the Competition.

10.3.2 The safety equipment of all cars must comply with valid regulations.

10.3.3 For all the practice and race heats, the Driver’s safety equipment must comply with the Appendix L FIA and the Supplementary Regulations. It must include:

– a safety harness,

– a helmet,

– a Frontal Head Restraint (FHT) system,

– flame-resistant clothing (overalls, balaclava, underwear, helmet, gloves, etc.).


11.1 The Competition numbers will be allocated for each Driver by the ASS for the whole season.

11.2 Two sets of Competition numbers must be clearly displayed on both sides of the car throughout the duration of the Competition. Two sets of Competition numbers (maximum height 15 cm) must be placed on the right side of the windscreen and on the left side of the rear window.

11.3 The positioning of the Competition numbers is indicated in the Appendix 1.


12.1 Championship logo (mandatory): the number, size, style and positioning of the Championship logo are indicated in Appendix 1 to these Sporting Regulations.

12.2 Mandatory or optional advertising: the number, size, style and positioning of any other advertising will be indicated in the Supplementary Regulations or in a bulletin issued by the organiser of the competition.


13.1 The Driver must report personally in due time to the administrative checking, the location and time of which will be indicated in the Supplementary Regulations.

13.2 At the administrative checking, the following will be inspected:

– the car driving licence,

– the International Driver’s and Competitor’s Licences,

– the car’s TCR technical passport,

– and, if necessary, authorisations from the ASNs.


14.1 For the identification of the cars and the control of safety measures, it is mandatory for Drivers to present their car and their equipment for scrutineering.

14.2 The car’s TCR Technical form must be presented. Otherwise, scrutineering may be refused at the stewards’ discretion. However, the stewards may decide to allow the car to be scrutineered if the Competitor/Driver can prove that his late arrival was due to Force Majeure.

14.3 Scrutineering does not constitute confirmation that the car complies with the regulations in force.

14.4 Additional scrutineering may be carried out at any time during the Competition, including before any practice or race heat. This scrutineering will be mandatory for cars showing evident signs of an accident which may have affected their safety. Cars deemed unfit will not be authorised to continue the Competition.

14.5 According Art. 11.14.2.a ISC, the Scrutineers may carry out any kind of checks on the race cars at any time before, during and/or after the competition. At any time during the Competition, the scrutineers may:

a) check the conformity of the car and or of the Driver’s equipment,

b) require a car to be dismantled by the Competitor to check that the conditions of eligibility and conformity are fully satisfied,

c) require a Competitor to supply them with such parts or samples as they may deem necessary,

d) proceed with fuel controls.

14.6 The weight control may be carried out at any time during the Competition. In the case of ballast being used, this ballast must be declared during scrutineering.


15.1 Flag signals according the Appendix H FIA may be used during all the practice and race heats, and must be strictly observed:

15.2 The general safety conditions and the conditions concerning behaviour on the track, set out in the “General Prescriptions applicable to International Hill Climb Competitions”, apply.


16.1 Practice heats

The number of practice heats in each Competition will be indicated in the Supplementary Regulations.

16.2 Race heats

16.2.1 The number of race heats (2 or 3) in each Competition will be indicated in the Supplementary Regulations.

16.2.2 Retirement from a race heat cannot constitute grounds for refusing to allow drivers to start in one of the subsequent race heats.


The location of the Parc Fermé will be indicated in the Supplementary Regulations.

For the Championship's cars, the Parc Fermé rules fully applies after each race heat as well as between the finish line and the entrance to the Parc Fermé.


18.1 A general classification of the Drivers for the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series will be drawn up by the organiser after each race heat of the Competition concerned.

All the classifications of the Championship Competition will be drawn up separately and published in a document bearing the title and logo of the Championship.

18.2 Dead heat

In the case of a dead heat in a race heat, the Drivers concerned will be classified ex-aequo.


19.1 Classification and scale of points

19.1.1 At the end of each best two race heats of each Competition, Championship's points will be awarded as follows:

Position 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th 6 th 7 th 8 th 9 th 10 th
Points 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1

Points will be awarded to all Drivers duly listed in the final classification of the competition.

19.1.2 Full points are awarded if at least 5 cars have been entered and scrutineered and have effectively taken the start of a race heat. If not, only half points (50%) are awarded.

19.1.3 If the Competition is running in more than two race heats, only the best two race heats will be taken into consideration to allow the Championship's points.

The fastest realized time will be taken into consideration for the classification "Heat 1" and the second fastest time will be taken into consideration for the classification "Heat 2".

19.2 Final Championship classification

19.2.1 Only Drivers who have scored at least 1 point will be included in the final Championship classification.

19.2.2 Drivers who, more than once during the season, have been definitively disqualified for breaching the relevant Technical Regulations (weight, engine, etc.) will be disqualified from the final Championship classification.

19.2.3 The number of results retained will be the total minus two. All the results will be liable to deduction.

19.2.4 Dead heat

For Drivers whose total points tally is identical in the final Championship classification, the rule to break the deadlock will be as follows:

– according to the quality of places (1st place, then 2nd place, etc.) obtained by them in the classifications of the Competitions having contributed to their points total.

In case of a further dead heat, a dead heat will be declared between the Drivers concerned.


20.1 All protests shall be lodged in accordance with the provisions of the Code.

All protests must be made in writing and handed to the clerk of the course or his assistant, or in their absence to any of the stewards, together with the protest fee specified in the Supplementary Regulations. If the protest requires the dismantling and re-assembly of different parts of a car, the claimant must pay an additional deposit set by the stewards.

20.2 The FIA International Sporting Code is applicable for appeals, the ASS Legal System and Code of Procedure for national appeals, as well as the FIA Legal System and Code of Procedure for FIA appeals.

Appeal national: An Appeal have to be sent to the following address:

National Court of Appeal, Auto Sport Switzerland,

Koenizstrasse 161, CH-3097 Liebefeld, Email =

The national appeal fee amounts in CHF 4.500 (no VAT) and should be paid as follow

IBAN: CH96 0079 0016 2536 0989 9 SWIFT Code: KBBECH22





The following guidelines have been introduced with the aim of standardising the use of the Championship logo and the manner in which it is displayed during each Competition.


Title TCR Hill Climb Series
The title must always be published in its entirety.


The ASS supplies all the registered Drivers with a number of stickers.
Positioning of the stickers: see Appendix 1.
Any other positioning must be approved by the ASS.

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