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Press release Auto Sport Schweiz.Suisse.Svizzera (ASS)
ASS TCR Hill Climb Series / TCR Swiss Trophy, 23.04.2019

ASS TCR Hill Climb Series postponed to 2020 – but brand rights for a TCR class hill climb race in 2019 can be assigned to all 6 participating countries in the event of interest.

Just two weeks before the start of the season, the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series has had to be postponed by a year. The TCR Hill Climb Series, which is intended to bring TCR drivers to the more mountainous regions of Europe, is to be put back by one year to 2020. However, alongside this disappointment for all TCR drivers and fans, there is potentially some good news. At a meeting called at short notice with the WSC Group (owners of the rights to TCR), Auto Sport Schweiz agreed with owner Marcello Lotti to licence the TCR class to all 6 nations that were scheduled to stage the TCR Hill Climb Series in this coming year 2019. This means that each of the Hill Climb event organisers in Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland (which had already enjoyed these rights in the past) can offer an official TCR class race in 2019 and thus provide drivers with the possibility of starting in a race.

The event organisers and national associations will be contacted in the next few days about the licencing of TCR classes in 2019.

With regard to the ASS TCR Hill Climb Series 2020, Auto Sport Schweiz will shortly be contacting the six planned events to clarify next steps. It would be pleased to work with the same six organisers for 2020, since they have been highly co-operative at all times and have lent their generous and honest support to the TCR Hill Climb Series. With sufficient lead time and targeted promotion, it should be possible to persuade enough drivers to participate in 2020.

Likewise postponed to 2020 is the holding of the TCR Swiss Trophy as part of the TCR Germany series. Just two Swiss drivers feature on the enrolment list of 20 drivers registered for TCR Germany; and both the organisational effort and expense involved would be prohibitive in this case.

The management of Auto Sport Schweiz and Marcello Lotti (WSC Group) very much regret the postponement to 2020, but are convinced that the solution they have found for 2019 represents a successful step forward.

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